Irijah Update

Yesterday, we again headed down to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for a post-op visit with Doctor Wright.  Irijah’s surgery was on March 9th and he has been casted ever since.  X-rays were taken and Dr. Wright pulled the four pins from Irijah’s hand, which was a traumatic experience for everyone involved.

Dr. Wright loves what she sees!

Irijah is now in a splint that he must wear at night, and he has a “Joe Cool,” splint to wear during the day–so named because of its purpose to train the thumb in a “thumbs up” position.  I guess kids today don’t know who Fonzie is, but I can’t say that “Joe Cool” makes me think thumbs up.  So, maybe I’ll suggest a new name to them…

Anyway, Irijah’s hand looks great!  I will post a pic as soon as it is fully cleaned up.  Nearly two months in a cast has made him look like a leper.  We have lots of dead skin to scrub off (also not a fun process) and nasty nails to trim.

But his hand looks like a hand.  And he likes putting it next to my hand or Jill’s hand and listening to us to rave.

He will have one more “minor” surgery on this hand (the right), so it is not yet the finished product cosmetically, but he can now begin the functional therapy of learning to use his new hand.  It’s all mind-blowing.

God is good.  Irijah is an amazing story and our family is just the rented vehicle that God is driving to use this little boy for His glory.  I can’t wait to watch the story unfold.


About M.K. Hadley

I am a Christian fiction writer, thirty-seven years in the making. My experiences, my likes, my dislikes, and most importantly my faith, fuel my writing in its message and its delivery. This blog is my outlet for extra thoughts as well as a possible pressure release valve. Advance warning: I do not intend to offend, and intention is the only justification for offense taken. It's up to you. God Bless.
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One Response to Irijah Update

  1. nathan118 says:

    Great news. Glad it’s going so well.

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